Classes Description 

FITboxing- This is Cardio Boxing using Heavy Punching Bags. We Punch, Kick, Squat, Different Types of Cardio, and Core Work.

Strength Training Class. We work with Kettlebells, Dumbbellls, TRX Bands, Body work, Bands & much more! Your Pace and Your Weight! Do not compare yourself to others in the class- everyone is at a different Level!

Circuit Work or Heavy Strength Training 

Yoga - Beginner Yoga with Stretches that will add Flexibility and Mobility for the Body. 

Low Impact- This class will be for an Older Clientele! It will be Strength Training with light weights, body work, and bands. 

Zumba Dance- Annette & Chie brings the Moves to the floor with different Music for an Hour long class.