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Monday – 5am, 6am, 8am & 5:30pm
​​Thursday – 5am, 6am, 8am & 5:30pm

Cardio FITboxing

Strength Training

Tuesday – 5am, 6am, 8am & 5:30pm
Wednesday – 5am, 6am, 8am & 5:30pm

Friday – 5am, 6am & 8am

LIIT Classes

Low Impact Intensity Training (Older Clientele)

Monday - Thursday 9am


Tuesday - 4:30pm

Wednesday – 6:30pm

Thursday – 6:30pm 

Friday  – 6am

Come Visit Us!


Gym Policies

Monthly Gym Membership

 You have the choice to make monthly payments on the 10th or 20th of each month. If your payment is declined, you will be charged an extra $10 on top of your membership fee. 

New Spinning Policy

Payments are due at the time you reserve your bike.

Cancellation Policy (Takes effect Jan. 1, 2024)

There is a 12 hour cancellation policy with a $5 charge. If you cancel within 12 hours of the class or are a No Show, you will be charged a full $10.

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